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"He provided our dealership employees with a perspective that you can overcome anything if you put your mind to it. His passion and dedication to our country comes through loud and clear. He has inspired us all to do more and not take anything for granted."  --Regis Buckley, Chevrolet Zone Manager

“Sgt. Kriesel was very engaging, impactful, and brought perspective to life and challenges.  We are going to pass your contact onto our other Wells Fargo groups to let them know how powerful and applicable his message was.  I am sure you will hear more from Wells Fargo as we hope they will also reach out to hear his message and support his great cause.”  Sharielle Pay, Wells Fargo

"No matter what your opinion of the war, you'll be blown away by Kriesel's story. You don't have to have served near Fallujah to know what Kriesel experienced. It's all here--and in mind-blowing detail."   Minneapolis Star Tribune

"This book is one that all Americans should read, just to be reminded of the bravery of our soldiers and how very proud we are of them. The opening chaper grabs the reader's attention."   Writer's Digest magazine

"STILL STANDING is a moving and impressive read about how even when all seems lost, hope can still win the day."    Midwest Book Review

"I'm happy today because I was here last week for the presentation by Jim Kosmo and John Kriesel. It was the finest program I ever attended in over 30 years of St. Paul Rotary membership."  Bob Jones, DDS, past president St. Paul Rotary

"One of the best books I have ever read. Look up HERO in the dictionary and you will see a picture of SSG Kriesel!"   Dr. Howard Fidler

"John Kriesel has an ability to make you feel like you can do anything and reminds us that it is all about our attitude and perspective in life that enables or limits us in what we can achieve. I have truly never heard a more inspiring or motivational story than the one John told. He has an incredible gift with people and I am a better person for having had the pleasure of meeting him and hearing him speak about his journey."   ~Kelly Lane, Minneapolis

"This is the best book I've ever read. It is so eye opening and moving. It's unforgettable & awesome!" Rita Kunkel, Osakis, MN

“I believe you have just won the first of many awards. It was written in such an honest relaxed voice that more than once I had tears. I may not have agreed with the war; however, I now understand it through the eyes of one who served.” Colleen Baldrica, author of “Tree Spirited Woman”

"Whether you can teach people positive thinking is debatable. But, one thing for certain is that if Dr. (Norman Vincent) Peale was still with us, he would highly recommend 'STILL STANDING: The Story of SSG John Kriesel.' Joseph Yurt, Reader Views

"Kriesel is something special. A gifted communicator who works as a marketing contractor for the Minnesota National Guard, he exudes commitment to public service and compassion for the vulnerable."  Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Today, John inspires students, veterans and church groups at frequent public speaking engagements where he shares a vision of hope for anyone who encounters any form of personal crisis."  Soldiers Angels of Illinois

"I have read Schwarzkopf and Tommy Franks books, this one is right up there with them. It should be required reading for all Americans--especially High School Seniors. It is inspirational, serious and yet funny at times." shirpunk "Heroes Lover" on

"John Kriesel has an amazing story and it is told in a manner that makes you feel as if you are there with him through it all. I highly recommend you read this book...." Randy Vaughn

"My friend Brandon served 3 tours in Iraq and is having a very rough time now that he's home. I showed him some stories about John and he was very inspired. He said he now feels like there's hope for him to make it."   Heather Stewart, Facebook


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When SSG John Kriesel lost his legs and two buddies in a roadside bomb explosion, no one expected him to survive. He died three times on the operating table. Miracles, a lot of miracles, starting with a few grunts who refused to let him die in Iraq, ripped the young warrior from the grip of death and sent him on to four hospitals, thirty-five surgeries, and months of recovery and rehabilitation.

Schedule John Kriesel for your next meeting.  He is a tremendously motivational speaker no matter who is in the audience. His message: bad things happen to everyone and you can deal with it.

“John and his message were precisely what we needed as our members struggle to navigate through huge changes and daunting times.”   Bruce Nelson, Chief Executive Officer, Association of Residential Resources in Minnesota.

“Thanks so much for your inspirational visit to Target and sharing your message. I am so thankful for people like you who can take a horrific event and share what matters most.”   Stephen Payne, Target Corporation



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